Not about us

It’s not about us – here at Exxpa, we are all about our clients.

Client Focused

Clients are our driving force and motivation. We unite forces behind each case to achieve the best possible result for the benefit of our clients, and we will go the extra mile where nobody else will. 

At Exxpa, it all starts from a fundamental understanding of or client’s business and their long-term goals. Understanding these goals empowers us to create a public procurement strategy that helps our clients grow.


Procurement management

Exxpa takes care of all the documentation needed for a successful public procurement bid. We take a proactive approach and work together with our clients and purchasing organizations to have a polished offer that matches all of the requirements.

Partner hunting

In tenders where a partner is needed to match procurement technical requirements, Exxpa finds strong and reliable market leaders for cooperation. We help partners to reach agreements and help to manage the public procurement project.

Market information

Clients are provided with detailed market information relevant to the particular tender. This includes probable competition, price levels, and purchase history.

The team

Arnas Rauba


Pijus Žaliūnas

Project manager

Edvardas Komičius

Project manager